Participating Choirs 2023


(Bitung, Indonesia)

Conductor Oktovilla Bawotong

(Arecibo, Puerto Rico)

Conductor Joamel González-Soto

Since 1979, Cantoría has been an artistic and academic forum for students at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo (UPRA). Its members perform a repertoire that includes sacred and secular choral works from different historical periods, as well as Latin American and Puerto Rican folk music and popular songs. Cantoría has participated in several international tours, including visits to the Dominican Republic (2005), Venezuela (2006), Panama (2007), Ecuador (2008), Mexico (2010), Miami (2011), Ohio (2012), Colombia (2013, 2019), Italy (2014), Poland (2015), Spain (2016), Kentucky (2018) and Alabama (2020). In 2012 the choir participated in the Seventh Edition of the World Choir Games held in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, where it obtained silver and bronze medals in the categories of Folk Music and Sacred Music respectively. Then, in March 2013, it appeared at the prestigious World Festival Chorus America Cantat 7. In April 2014 it obtained a silver diploma in the coed choir category at the International Choir Competition in Riva del Garda, Italy. In June 2015, the Choir performed an artistic tour around three different cities in Poland. Starting with the outstanding presentation in an International University Choirs Festival in the city of Poznań, at “Universitas Cantat”, followed by a concert in the city of Szczecin as part of The Latino Project and concluding its tour with a participation in the Third Edition of the International Copernicus Choir Festival and Competition Per Musicam ad Adstra in the city of Toruń. In 2016, Cantoría was invited by the School of Music of the Florida State University in Tallahassee to perform a concert shared with the choir from that academic institution. That same year, it participated in the 10th Edition of the International Choir Festival Corearte in Barcelona, Spain. The international organization AVoice4Peace invited Cantoría to participate in the closing concert in the ACDA conference celebrated in Louisville, Kentucky in 2018. Also, during the month of June in 2019, Cantoría carried out a concert tour throughout Colombia in light of celebrating its 40-year anniversary. And finalizing, pre-pandemia in March 2020, with their outstanding presentation at the ACDA Southern Division Conference in Mobile, Alabama. As part of the seasonal artistic programming, UPRA’s Concert Choir organizes concerts and festivals. Moreover, the choir has been actively performing Puerto Rican choral music by participating in cultural, artistic, social, and academic events.

(East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Conductor Rade Radović

The Chamber Choir of the Course of Church Music and Chanting at the Academy of Music, University of East Sarajevo was founded in October 2001 at the initiative of the Metropolitan of Dabar-Bosnia mister Nikolaj (from October 2011 to 0ctober 2017, the word “chamber” was omitted from the name of the ensamble). Full professor Rade Radović, MA, has been the head and conductor of the choir from its foundation to the present time.The choir has been taking part in divine services in numerous churches and monasteries in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, and it also had performances at numerous choir and musical festivals: Musica sacra a Roma (Rome, 2005), BEMUS (Belgrade, 2006 ), Musica Mediterranea – Europamusicale festival (Munich, 2009), Boh je laska (Slovakia, 2007), Славянские встречи (Russia, Balashikha, 2006), Days of Spiritual Music (Pančevo, Serbia, 2007), Vlado Milošević’s Days (Banjaluka, B&H, 2003), Sarajevo Winter (Sarajevo, 2004, 2009), Boljšoj Festival (Mećavnik, Serbia, 2013), Sarajevo Nights of Music SVEM (Sarajevo, 2014) etc. It has had hundreds of concerts and performances in the country and abroad: Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia. The ensemble was the laureate at numerous international choir competitions: – Vojislav Ilić –prize for the best choir, for authentic performance of spiritual music, Spiritual Music Festival “Choirs among Frescoes”, Belgrade, Serbia, June-July 2003; – Golden Medal, in the spiritual music category (S-Musica sacra), Helsingborg Korfestival, The Swedish International Choir Competition, Sweden, May 2004; – Two special awards: – Praise to the Choir for the performance; – Praise to the conductor Rade Radović for the interpretation of contemporary authors’ compositions, Spiritual Music Festival “Choirs among Frescoes”, Belgrade, Serbia, June-July 2004; – The Expert Jury Award for the best performance of a foreign author’s composition (S. V. Rachmaninoff: Great Doxology), International Choir Festival, Niš, Serbia, July 2004; Golden Plaque, the greatest award of the Mokranjac’s Days festival, Negotin, Serbia, September 2004; – Vojislav Ilić – prize for the best choir, for authentic performance of spiritual music and the Special Praise to the conductor Rade Radović for the renewal, preservation and improvement of Serbian Orthodox music, Spiritual Music Festival “Choirs among Frescoes”, Belgrade, Serbia, June-July 2005; – Golden Diploma, in the category of contemporary spiritual music (S5-Musica sacra contemporanea) and Silver Diploma in the open category (S3-Musica sacra, categoria libera), The First World Competition and the Festival of Spiritual Choral Musica Sacra a Roma, Rome, Italy, July 2005; – The Second Place and the Laureate title, the 5th International Competition of Choirs Дни славянской письменности и культуры (Days of Slavic Literacy and Culture), Podmoskovlje – G. Balasiha, Russia, May 2006; – Golden Diploma, in the category of mixed choirs with a compulsory composition (A1-Cori misti a cappella con brano d`obbligo), the 10th International Choir Competition (10. Concorso Corale Internazionale), Riva Del Garda, Italy, March 2008; – Third Place, in the category of conservatories and academies of music, the 29th International Church Music Festival Хајновка (29. Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Muzyki Cerkiewnej „Hajnowka“), Bialystok, Poland, May 2010; – Expert Jury Award Milorad Veljković – Špaja, for the best performance of a domestic author’s composition (V. Komadina: Potkozarje), International Choir Festival, Niš, Serbia, July 2010; – 26th International Choir Festival, Niš, Serbia, 2016 – three prizes of international expert jury: the prize Milorad Veljković – Špaja, for the best performance of a domestic author’s composition (D. Radić: Gungulice); the prize for the best performance of a S. S. Mokranjac’s composition (5rh Garland) and the prize for the best soloist (Lana Pržulj, soprano); – 27th International Choir Festival, Niš, Serbia, 2018: GRAND PRIX, the prize for the best Choir; – Two gold medals (category “A” – mixed choirs (winer) and category “G” – free programme of original choral music) and special price for the best performance of Orthodox Music, the 37th International Choral Festival and Competition of Preveza, Greece, July 2019, etc. Recognition from the community: – Gramata, for an unselfish material contribution and loyalty to the holy Orthodox faith, from His Eminence Metropolitan of Dabar-Bosnia mister Nikolaj, Sarajevo, June 2003; – Gratitude to the conductor of the Chamber Choir Rade Radović, a special dipoma for the participation at the 5th International Choir Competition Дни славянской письменности и культуры and the festival Славянские встречи (Slavic Meetings), Podmoskovlje – G. Balasiha, Russia, May 2006; Charter, for extraordinary contribution in the development and affirmation of the Municipality in the area of cultural and artistic creation, the greatest award of the Municipality of East Novo Sarajevo, June 2006; The Bust of the Bishop Pavle Petar Gojdič (Busta blahoslaveneho biskupa – mučenika Pavla Petra Gojdiča, the 4th International Spiritual Music Festival God is Love (IV. Ročnik Medzinarodneho festivalu duchovnej piesne Boh je laska, the city Vranov upon Topla, Slovakia (the festival is of non-competitive character, besides this special praise all the choirs were given a Diploma for participation), September 2007; – Praise, for significant results in the field of art and the promotion of the University of East Sarajevo in the country and abroad, from the University of East Sarajevo (the same praise was given to the conductor Rade Radović), May 2008. In the production of a few national and other radio and television services, tens of concerts, documentary movies and shows on the Chamber Choir and the conductor Radović have been recorded, and also many texts and positive critics have been published in printed media. The ensemble recorded seven compact-discs: in its own production (2003); in the production of the publishing company “Jugovideo” from Belgrade (2005); in the production of the state public service Radio-Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Music Production of BHRT (2007-2008), in the production of the state public service Radio-Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Music Production of BHRT (2011); in its own production (2013); in the production of the publishing company “Gramofon” from Sarajevo (2017); in its own production (2021). All of them are often chosen as music for documentary programs of radio and television services in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are also numerous recorded (and even, some of them, published) compact discs of festival and competition performances of the ensemble at international choir competitions. Stylistic diversity of the repertoire of the Choir presents a sort of section of musical creation in the area of Orthodox spiritual music through centuries: from the records by unknown cantiniers and registrars from the 15th to 18th century, examples of unanimous chanting taken from the Greek, or, more precise Mount Athos divine service practice of the 18th century, variants of traditional Serb chanting, Russian church tunes, works of original artistic invention and artistic upgrading of traditional tunes – the pearls of the most important composers of Serbian and Russian spiritual choral music of the 19th and 20th century, to the works by contemporary composers, whose creation partly relies on older choral music, but also contains completely free choral compositions, only inspired with divine service texts, including the premiere performances of compositions, among which some have been dedicated to this ensemble and its director. The examples of the almost infinite circle of the sung divine service poetry – with great efforts of young singers and the conductor – revived in the fullness of conciliar chanting, reconciling concerts with divine services, musical shine of the compositions with their place and meaning in certain service. In the area of secular choral music, mostly works of Serbian composers inspired with folklore tradition are represented in the repertoire of the Choir.

EUPHONIE (Schwaz, Austria)
Conductor Claudio Büchler

Vocal Ensemble Euphonie was founded in 2016 with the intention of singing a cappella pieces in a small group. The members consist of a conglomerate of family and friends, form young to old, and from non-professional music enthusiasts to music students. The Vocal Ensemble Euphonie has worked with other artists from different artistic backgrounds, like theatre, dance, and spoken word. The repertoire of the ensemble ranges from early renaissance music to modern pieces, sacred as well as secular. Since 2021 Maestro Claudio Büchler works with Euphonie as their conductor. He previously worked with several opera houses, and was guest conductor at Wiener Concert-Verein, Wiener Kammerorchester, and Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra and is still working with the Innsbruck University Orchestra.

KEM B’IX (Heredia, Costa Rica)
Conductor Fredy Batzibal

Conductor Rit Subsomboon

The Mahidol Univesity choir, also known as MU Choir, founded in July 2011 is the University’s premiere mixed choir composed of a select group of students representing the different colleges and faculties of Mahidol University, conducted by Rit Subsomboon. Since its establishment, the choir always actively performs for important academic and cultural events held by the university. The choir has shown a good progress since it was established. Since 2012, the choir has participated in many prestigious choral festivals in Europe and Asia, winning major prizes from Russia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, Singapore, and Indonesia The choir has also actively performed with Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra in the performance of large-scale choral works, Mahler’s Symphony No.2, 3, Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy, Beethoven’s Symphony No.9, Mozart’s Requiem, Faure’s Requiem, Verdi Requiem and Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana. The choir has had put together an exceptional choral repertoire which cover different musical styles, hopefully paving the way for future success in local and international stage.

Conductor Swingly Wicliff Sondak

North Sulawesi GMIM Male Choir (NSGMC) was formed by the grace of God.
The NSGMC is a choir that was officially formed in January 2006 under the initiative of the Men’s Commission of the Fathers of the Synod of the Evangelical Church in Minahasa, INDONESIA. This choir was initially formed consisting of 60 men/fathers at the GMIM synod under the care of a technical team chaired by Ir. Wenny Pantow, and consisting of Pnt. Joy Korah, Mr. George Ruata, Mr. James Paulus, and Mr. Melky Sikape. NSGMC still routinely conducts auditions at certain periods in the aim of refreshing and strengthening the team. All members who are joins have the same vision and mission to glorify God through singing. Nowadays, Under the direction of the young conductor, Swingly Wicliff Sondak, NSGMC becomes a choir that has a diverse repertoire a vision of preaching the gospel to all the world. Throughout these 2 decades, NSGMC has been actively participating in various competitions and festivals in several places and countries. Here are some of the achievements that achieved by this choir:

  • Silver medal in the Male Choir category at the World Choir Games in Xiamen China 2006
  • Gold Champion in the Male Choir category at the Asian Choir Games in Jakarta 2007
  • 1st Runner-up Champion of World Choir Games in the Male Choir category at Graz Austria 2008
  • Silver Medal in the Male Choir category at the World Choir Games in Cincinnati USA 2012
  • 1st Runner-up Champion of Asia Pacific Choir Games in the Male Choir Category in Manado 2013
  • Gold Champion of CANTA AL MAR in the Male Choir category at Barcelona Spain 2014
  • Gold Champion of the Indonesia Male Competition 202

Conductors Luciana Dharmadi, Rainier Reviereino

(Bangkok, Thailand)

Conductor Thanawut Sriwattana

Siam Ruby Women’s Choir consists of women between the ages of 50 – 75 who enjoy singing and the discipline of working together to achieve a common goal. It is a choir established in March 2019 with singers coming together under the leadership of the conductor, Mr. Thanawut Sriwattana, who has been working with seniors teaching them singing and music, giving them the experience of different, more serious singing environment as well as stages many singers have never had the opportunity to be part of. In July 2019, the group had an opportunity to participate in the Voyage of Songs held in Bangkok and received a silver award as well as Category Winner of the Senior category. In early August 2019, the group further enjoyed themselves in the Singapore International Choral Festival (SICF) and received a bronze award. After SICF, the group had a major turnover of members. However, the conductor, Mr. Thanawut, was tireless in trying to get the group to become better choral singers – taking them through the barriers of advancing ages and inexperience which are the two most difficult obstacles. The singers were, undoubtedly, enjoying this activity while looking forward to the opportunities of gaining the experience of international singing standards. The COVID pandemic in 2020 and part of 2022 caused all group singing and festivals to be cancelled.
However, we participated in the following Virtual Competitions with results consecutively:
– August 2021, the Bali International Choral Festival (BICF)’s 4th World Virtual Choir Festival: A gold
medal as well as the Senior Category Winner.
– Oct 30 – 7 Nov 2021, The World Choir Games, Flanders: Awarded a Diploma with the rating of “Very
– December 2021, the 10th Bali International Choir Festival: Gold medal.
– September 2022, the Penabur International Choir Festival: Silver medal


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