Participating Choirs 2021 (Online and Virtual Edition)


Conductor JIN ZIXUAN

Beijing Sonar Choir was established by Jin Zixuan on August 30th, 2020 and currently have 30 amateur singers. The purpose and the principal of the choir is “Locate the Self and Explore the World”. So our name is Sonar, which symbolizes locating and exploring. What’s more, in Chinese characters, sonar can be divided into the sound(声) and the acceptance(纳). For the sound, that is one of the way to recognize the self and the world. Actually we get used to observe around in a virtual way, so that we want to emphasize the listening way which the mass always ignore. For the acceptance, we want to understand that everything has its causes and every emotion should have its direction to release and way to express. If we simply view music as an art form that tells story in the time, Sonar Choir wants to give a definition to the Chorus, which is the way to remember the shared memory subsided with the time fleeting. All above is not only where the Sonar Choir wants to arrive, but also how our members build the relationship with self, other people and the whole world.



The mixed choir Camerata Vocale Split was founded in 2018. In just two months, the choir won the Golden Plaque at the State Competition in Rovinj, organised by the Croatian Assembly of Culture. In November 2018, the choir won two golden awards in the category of classical music, for the mixed choir and the female choir at the choir festival Adria Cantat in Rijeka. At the international competition Adriatic Pearl in Dubrovnik the choir won two golden awards in its category (2019). In December 2019, Camerata was invited to a concert tour in Montenegro and held concerts in Bar and Tivat. At the International Choir Competition Zadar Choirs in 2021, Camerata Vocale Split achieved the highest number of awarded points together with the Award of the City of Zadar for the best choir of the competition.
The choir is the organiser of the International Song Festival SING (in) SPLIT, which brings together about two hundred participants a year. (
Camerata Vocale Split recorded its first album in 2019 entitled “Tu Domine, spes, mea / Tragom hrvatske pjevane baštine”. The CD was released by the largest record label in Croatia, Croatia Records. The choir continued the work of the vocal ensemble Schola cantorum Split, and so far have cooperated with choirs from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Scotland and the Netherlands and has had numerous performances with various vocal and chamber ensembles. The choir held performances at various events, like “Dani kršćanske kulture” and the festival Papandopulijana. Camerata also had premiere performances of Croatian and foreign composers. The Music Director and the conductor of the choir is Sara Dodig Baučić, Ph.D.


(Science City Of Muñoz, Philippines)


The CLSU Maestro-Singers of the Central Luzon State University was organized in 1998 by a Classic Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Florante P. Ibarra. Serving as CLSU’s cultural ambassadors, the group had won numerous awards in local, regional, national, and international levels. After merely four years of existence, the Singers have gained a lot in terms of competition awards enough to say that they are successful in earning fame in choral singing. Recently, the group bagged 2 awards in the recently concluded 3rd BCS World Virtual Choir Festival hosted by Bandung Choral Society in Indonesia namely Gold Medal Award in the Folklore Category and the Most Viewed Friendship Concert Entry. Awarded Gold Diploma Award in Mixed Choir Category and Silver Diploma Award in Sacred Music Category in the 4th Macau International Choral Competition held at Macau, China in 2019. The group also won two Gold Awards both Sacred and Open Mixed Categories at the 11th Orientale Concentus International Choral Festival held on July 1-4, 2018 at School of the Arts, Singapore; the group was likewise awarded 1st runner up in the 2017 National PASUC Culture and Arts Festival held at Siliman University, Dumaguete City; awarded a Gold Diploma in 2014 Busan Choral Festival and Competition, Busan, South Korea (October, 2014); likewise, they garnered two gold medals in the Folkloric Category and two silver medals in the Mixed Category during the 4th Winter Choral Competition held at Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong (December, 2013) and 1st Sing n’ Joy Manila International Choral Festival (December, 2013) respectively. At present, the CLSU Maestro-Singers maintains their high standard in choral singing and sustaining the university’s reputation as a dynamic and respected state university in the Philippines, not only in the field of agriculture and allied sciences but also in the field of choral music. Recognition at the 31st International Franz Schubert Choir Competition in Vienna, Austria. The group performs variety of repertoires such as Folkloric and Ethnic, Sacred, Negro-Spiritual, Pop/Novelty, Contemporary and Period music.



Founded in 1945, always a male choir, the Polifonico di Ruda / Italian male choir has held concerts all over the world: from Canada to Russia, from the United States to Mongolia, from China to the Philippines, from Argentina to Brazil and almost all European countries. Guardian of the Friulian musical tradition, the choir collaborates with various orchestras for particular symphonic-choral projects and records for Rai and other Italian and foreign broadcasters. Of particular interest is the collaboration with the Italian virtuosos for the production of Giovanni Sollima’s ‘Rocky songs’, a piece also presented in the version for string quartet and accordion by Daniele Zanettovich, and with the Udine Philharmonic Orchestra for the Requiem in Re minor of Luigi Cherubini. A Roman major has been interested in its history and its ‘chorus’, which produced the docufiction ‘Where do you hear singing … stop’ broadcast on Rai Tre and on public and private televisions in various European countries. The Polifonico di Ruda / Italian male choir – which has published thirteen CDs including ‘Perle’, an excursus into romantic music and the early twentieth century, Ricuardi un timp, an anthology of traditional Friulian songs and Riflessi entirely dedicated to contemporary polyphony – publishing field with the publication of music by authors of Friuli Venezia Giulia of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and of the series ‘The historical organs of the dioceses of Friuli Venezia Giulia’ of which the volumes relating to Trieste, Gorizia, the first volume have already been published relating to the archdiocese of Udine and two volumes relating to the diocese of Concordia-Pordenone. The choir collaborates with Italian and foreign pop, rock and folk artists (Remo Anzovino, Giuseppe Battiston, Piero Sidoti, Trigeminus and Kati Garbi), receiving the Nonino Risit d’aur, Moret d’aur, Croce di Malta and Epiphany. The choir was the protagonist of the soundtrack of the film ‘Resina’ by Renzo Carbonera, finalist of the 2019 Golden Globes. Since 2003 the choir has been directed by Fabiana Noro with whom she has undertaken the study of the great romantic and contemporary repertoire, also participating in the most important choral competitions worldwide. Under her direction, the Polyphonic in recent years has won 26 first prizes performing in the most prestigious concert halls in the world and has been judged by international juries made up of European, American and Asian musicians. In particular, the choir excelled at the competitions in Vienna, Arezzo, Vittorio Veneto, Tallin, Linz, Graz, Malaga, Derry, Lloret de Mar, Shaoxing, Matera and Fabiana Noro was awarded as the best director of the competitions in Vienna, Malaga and Lloret de Mar. In 2020 the Polifonico won three first prizes at the Rimini International Choral Competition held on the web due to the pandemic.



It is founded by Mº Juan Argentino Petracchini on April 20, 1968, performing in his first concert the “Gloria de Vivaldi”. During his outstanding career, he has obtained numerous awards and has performed on important stages in Argentina and the world. In 1979 he participated in Italy in the XXVII “Guido D’Arezzo International Polyphonic Choir Contest” where he obtained a distinction in the category “Folk Music”. Concert in the following countries: Chile, Brazil, United States, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, The main choral symphonic works: “Passion according to St. John”, “Easter Oratory” and “Magnificat” by Bach “,” Mass in C “,” Choral Fantasy “by Beethoven, Polovtzian Dances from” The Prince Igor “by Borodín,” Romeo and Juliet “by Berlioz, “Carmen” by Bizet, “Rhapsody” for Contralto and Male Choir, “El Canto del Destino” and “A German Requiem” by “Brahms,“ Misa ”and“ Requiem ”by Bruckner,“ Stabat Mater ”by Dvorak and Penderecky, “Requiem” by Fauré, among others. Since April 1, 2014 the University Choir is directed by Mº Jorge Romero. In June 2015, he participated in the “XVIII D’CANTO International Festival and Contest” on the Island of Margarita-VENEZUELA, obtaining the 1st PRIZE and Silver Mention, and concert in Caracas-VENEZUELA. He performs the following symphonic works: THE MAGNIFICAT by J. Rutter, REQUIEM by Mozart, “El Murciélago” by J. Strauss, Tedeum by A. Bruckner, Luisa Fernanda by Federico Moreno. Psalmus Hungaricus by Z. Kodaly, Ninth Symphony by L. V. Beethoven. Requiem by Maurice Duruflé, The Planets by Gustav Holst.
In October 2016, he participated in the inauguration of the Bicentennial Theater of the province of San Juan together with the Symphonic Orchestra and the Spanish theater company La Fura dels Baus. With the work Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. He performs the following operas for the Bicentennial Theater of the San Juan province: La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi. El Barbero de Sevilla by G. Rossini, Tosca by G. Puccini, with “DON CARLO” the grand opera by G. Verdi, AÍDA by G. Verdi, The Magic Flute by W. A. ​​Mozart In August 2018 he performed concerts in the following cities: Budapest, Nyíregyháza-HUNGARY, participating in the latter of the 12th CANTEMUS International Festival and Contest obtaining “SILVER DIPLOMA”, Vienna-AUSTRIA, Krakow, Warsaw, Bydgoszcz-POLAND, Prague-CZECH REPUBLIC. In May 2019 he participated in the II Kodaly Seminar in San Juan, as Pilot Choir and Final Concert with the invited Conductors: Suzanna Gráf and Katalin Hajnoczy. In 2020 he made a virtual work “Cantata a Sarmiento” that consists of three numbers: La Huella de Sarmiento, Romance and Malambo Alborotador. In 2021 Lacrimosa by W. Mozart virtual work.


(Shanghai, China)


DHU Singers is one of the first members joining the Shanghai Youth Choir & Federation and a member of the Shanghai Student Art Troupe. Since the establishment in 2004, the choir has participated in five National College Students Art Festivals, in which it has won the first and second prizes multiple times in the Shanghai competitions. In 2015, DHU Singers participated in the World Youth & Children’s Choir Festival (Hong Kong), winning two gold awards in contemporary chorus and performance chorus. In 2016, it won the gold award in the Fifth Shanghai A Cappella Competition. In 2018, it won the Gold Award for Chorus and the Best Performance Award of Kodaly’s Works in the Cantemus International Choir Festival in Hungary.


Conductor YIFAN WANG

Founded in 2012, Hefei Citizen chorus is a Mixed Chorus . It is capable of performing a variety of musical works, especially Chinese folksong and modern Sacred musical works. The chorus is Focus on tone color training during the daily rehearsal. Distinct vocal parts, Unity of voice position, Transparent tone color and Understanding cooperation are the four major parts in training. Meanwhile, the chorus’ musical compsition amount has been extended and expanded.


Nõmme Cultural Center’s Young Female Choir SPRING (Kevad in Estonian; iniNõmme Cultural Center’s Young Female Choir SPRING (Kevad in Estonian; inially girls’ choir) was born on September 1, 2006, seng its aims on qualifying for the naonal Song Celebraon in 2007. The choir included young ladies from the Cultural Center’s musical theater group and various ensembles. The choir acquired the name Spring in January 2014. From 2006 to 2015, the choir’s creator Elviira Maasalu also acted as Spring’s conductor. In 2015, the conductor’s baton was passed on to Õnne-Ann Roosvee, who is the choir’s Arsc Director and Principal Conductor today, while choirmaster Mari Roos works her magic on Spring as from 2019. The choir has performed in a number of song celebraons and singing events across
Estonia. In 2018, the choir sang at a fesval in Turkey. Spring performs in frequent concert events, and joint concerts with sister choirs from Estonia and abroad have become a tradion. In October 2020, Spring won
first place in an Estonian naonal chamber choir compeon, Category C, while conductor Õnne-Ann Roosvee received the Best Conductor special prize.


Conductor ANNE CHU

Keiwanians are alumni of CCC Kei Wan Primary School (Aldrich Bay), formerly CCC Kei Wan Primary School (a.m.). For over 30 years, musical groups at Kei Wan have included choirs, bands, orchestras and other ensembles, and this rich, vibrant musical tradition to this day continues to sow seeds of joy and cultivate friendship among hundreds of people: since 2003, Keiwanians have never missed an opportunity to come together and spread the joy at their alma mater’s concerts. They also actively look for new horizons to explore, to enrich themselves, to share their passion, and to showcase newly commissioned choral works. Founded in 2005, Keiwanian Singers are seasoned prizewinners in choral festivals, having won awards at the Hong Kong Youth Singing Competition in madrigal and jazz ensemble categories, and gold medals at the Hong Kong International Youth and Children’s Choir Festival in 2011 and 2013. At the 2017 World Youth & Children’s Choir Festival (Hong Kong), Keiwanian Singers were named Champions in the Youth Choir (SATB) category, as well as collecting the “Best Interpretation”, “Best A Cappella Performance”, and “Musica Connection Audience” awards. Keiwanian Singers participated 2018 Taipei International Choral Competition and won Gold award in Mixed choir category and Silver award in Musica Sacra category.


(Guangzhou, China)

Conductor DENG QUN

The Little Skylark Children’s Choir of Guangzhou Yuexiu Children’s Palace was ranked as Chinese top ten best children choir in 2003 and was awarded the title of Best Children Choir Demonstration Base of Guangzhou city by the Guangzhou Choir Association in 2014. The choir was founded in 1981. After 40 years of practice and research, it uses modern music teaching concepts and methods to develop the comprehensive music qualities of the members. What’s more, the choir also establishes pyramidal choir class teaching mode to form Nine levels of curriculum standards in children’s choir training. The choir performs music very exquisitely and delicately with beautiful and smooth sound, harmonious choir and broad range. In addition to its special charm performances of Chinese and foreign works, the classical and art songs it sings with great panache are in accordance with the standards and full of artistic appeal. Since its foundation, the Little Skylark Children’s Choir has won wide recognition and a great many award

International and domestic awards: In 2018, the choir participated in the 6th Art Show for Primary and Secondary School Students of Guangdong Province held by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, and won the first prize in Group B (Out-school Education Group) of the Vocal Music Project.

In July 2018, the choir took part in the “7th BALI INTERNATIONAL CHOIR FESTIVAL 2018”. The choir won the First Prize of “Teenager’s Choir” and” Folklore”.

In July 2016, the choir took part in the “5th Florence International Choir Festival”. The choir won the First Prize of “children’s choir” and” Early Music”, won the Second Prize of “Modern Music and Contemporary Music”, ”Sacred Music”, ”Popular,Folk,Gospel,Barbershop Ensembles”.

On 12 July 2014, the choir took part in the “8thWorld Choir Games” in Latvia and won the gold medal of children’s choir group (ranked third in the world) and the gold medal of folk music group. (ranked first in China)

In July 2012, the choir took part in the International Youth Art Festival in Spain and got the first prize.

In July, 2008, the choir took part in the International Youth Art Festival in Seine-Maritime province, France and got the first prize.

In July, 2006, the choir took part in the “4th World Choir Games” and won the gold medal of accompaniment folk group.

In 2002, the choir was awarded the first prize in the National Choir Festival organized by Chinese Ministry of Culture.

In 2000, the choir was awarded the first prize in the USA Texas International Choir Festival.


Aiju Art School Choir is a school choir from Ningbo, China. It is composed of students from grades 3 to 5 who love to sing. The teacher hopes that the children can learn professional music knowledge in the choir, feel the beauty of music, and make the children know that they should help and respect each other in the collective. Since its establishment one year ago, with the efforts of teachers and children, the choir won the first prize in the city competition in 2021.


(Ningbo, China)


Ningbo Philharmonic Children’s Choir is one of the Philharmonic series art associations of Ningbo Musicians Association. Founded in December 2017, it is a public welfare Youth Association to build a stage for the majority of youth singing (Music) lovers to show their artistic talents. The purpose of the choir is to build a children’s choir with regional influence through happy and scientific chorus training, participation in competitions and exchanges at home and abroad. In just three years, through the efforts and persistence of children and teachers, with the attention and help of leaders and experts, and with the full support of parents, we have achieved many gratifying results:Gold Award of the 7th China children’s Chorus Festival; Gold medal and champion of children’s voice group in the 15th China Chorus Festival; The first prize of group B chorus performance of Ningbo primary and secondary school art festival in 2019, etc


(Natchitoches, USA)


The Northwestern Chamber Choir is the flagship choral ensemble at Northwestern State University conducted by Dr. Nicholaus B. Cummins. The Northwestern Chamber Choir is comprised of 36 undergraduates encompassing over 15 different majors throughout the university. The choir frequently collaborates with composers and conductors for projects
including most recently For a Breath of Ecstasy, commissioned from composer Michael Trotta, The Falling Stars by Richard Burchard, and O Lux Beatissima by Vytautas Miškinis. In 2019, they performed at the 8th National Conference of the National Collegiate Choral Conference National Conference and placed 3rd and won best compulsory performance in the AVE VERUM ICC in Baden, Austria. Additionally, the choir was invited to perform in St. Martin’s Church in the Wall for the Czech national night of churches in Prague. In 2018, the choir placed 2nd in the Laurea Mundi Budapest in Budapest, Hungary and performed concerts in Krakow, Poland. The Chamber Choir plans to release a CD and iTunes recording of the music of Richard Burchard in Fall 2021.


Odawara Children’s Choir and their alumni choir “Mulberry Choir” (Conductor: Taeko Kuwabara, Music Director: Haruko Kuwabara) often perform together. Odawara Children’s Choir, a society choir founded in 1963, has won 1st place in the Children’s Choir Category and the Best Voice Cultivation Prize at Young2006Praha in the Czech Republic as well as 1st place in the Equal Voices Youth Choir Category at Riva del Garda International Choral Competition in Italy. Mulberry Choir was formed in 1985, winning the Grand-Prix at Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest in Japan, 1st place in the Youth Choir Category at Kodály Zoltán “Singing Youth” International Choral Competition in Hungary, and 1st place in the Folksong Category at Arezzo International Choral Competition in Italy. As a combined choir, they received 3rd place and Gold Prize in the Equal Voice Choir Category at Tokyo International Choir Competition in Japan in 2018, 2nd place and Gold Prize in the Equal Voices Choirs Category at Rimini International Choral Competition (online) in Italy in 2020 and 1st place and Gold Prize in the Equal Voice Choirs Category at Queen of the Adriatic Sea Choral Festival and Competition (online) in Italy in 2021.




The Choir was founded in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in the fifties of the last century. Since then the Choir has been a regular participant in various concerts, festivals and competitions both in Ukraine and abroad (Austria, Macedonia, Moldova, Greece, Ireland, Poland &other). The Choir’s repertoire includes classical, church, Ukrainian traditional and other ethnic music, as well as pieces by contemporary authors, too. The group enjoys travelling, receiving guests, learning new music and establishing new musical partnerships with other choirs. The choir mostly consists of University students, both former (alumni back in the 80’s) and active scholars.Despite being Science-oriented, all the choir members adore singing, which makes it their primary spare-time activity.

PSM SWARA WADHANA UNY (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

PSM Swara Wadhana Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta is a choir group organized by students of Yogyakarta State University. It was an ensemble music group at the first it established. But it transformed into a choir group in 1986. The latest competition PSM Swara Wadhana UNY joined was in the 2021 World Choir Festival Hongkong by WYCCAA and achieved A Winners with Gold medal in Contemporary Category and Second Winner with Gold Medal in Mixed Chor Category. In the same year, in the 2021 WVCF3 by Bandung Choral Society PSM Swara Wadhana UNY achieved a gold medal in the Non-Virtual Category. In 2020, PSM Swara Wadhana UNY attending 2020 BCS WVCF and achieved a gold medal in Mixed Choir Category. In the same year, PSM Swara Wadhana UNY achieved a Gold medal in the Virtual category and a Silver medal in the Mixed Voices Category. In the previous year at the 2019 World Youth & Children’s Choir Festival. PSM Swara Wadhana UNY achieved Choir of the World (Grand Champion), Winner of Youth Choir Category (Platinum Medal), Winner of Folklore (Gold Medal), Musica Connection Audience Award I, and Outstanding Conductor Award.


(Shenzhen, China)

Conductor MEI LIU

SONORE CHAMBER CHOIR (Jakarta, Indonesia) Conductor CASPAR

Initiate in February 2017, Sonore Chamber Choir is an independent choral community based in Jakarta. As an growing independent community choir, Sonore Chamber Choir has reached some achievement from Silver Award in Penabur International Choir Festival 2017, Gold Award on 7th Bali International Choir Festival 2018, Silver Award in Penabur International Choir Festival 2019, and get a Gold Award in 2nd Bandung Choral Society World Virtual Choir Festival 2020. In other achievement, Sonore Chamber Choir participating in some concert and public event, especially the recent one is 6th Symposium on Church Choral Music 2021 which will be held on the end of June 2021. In other way, Sonore Chamber Choir focused on exploring repertoire from various genres and in this pandemic situation – especially last 2 years – , they focus on premiering new composition from Caspar.


From the heart of Southern England, the Surrey Hills Chamber Choir (SHCC) was founded in 2005. With a membership of up to 32 members the choir comprises enthusiastic amateurs from many different walks of life, all brought together by the joy of singing and the desire to perform to the best of their ability. The choir enjoys singing all styles of song from medieval motets through to contemporary pop and everything in-between. What makes SHCC special and highly popular with members and local audiences is the desire to perform from memory and predominantly unconducted. Performing without a conductor requires singers to contribute at a very high individual level in the preparatory stages to ensure a performance that is full of incisive dynamics and phrasing. Most importantly, members aim to produce a cohesive interpretation of the text and musical line. The reward for this intense level of engagement is the greater enjoyment that our singers experience from performing directly to an audience and being fully engaged in their audience’s emotional response. The choir has achieved results at many competitions with wins at Cheltenham, Bournemouth, Mrs Sunderland Music Festival in Huddersfield, Portsmouth, a second place at the Manchester Amateur Choral Competition, and two 2nd place prizes at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod. The choir’s proudest achievement was becoming the UK Adult Choir of the Year in 2012.


Conductor HEHE ZHANG

Found in 2013 by Professor Zhang Xin, its music director, at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music, the Lingnan Girls’ Choir of Xinghai Conservatory of Music aims to promote great Chinese / Contemporary Western choral pieces via chorial music. The choir provides a great musical experience for female students at the conservatory who receive high-standard professional music training crossing a variety of different subjects. The choir-singing experience here further developed their vocal technique, knowledge of choral repertoires and musicianship. Under Prof. Zhang Xin’s direction, the choir now is known for their beauty of tone, musical nuance and ringing sound. Within the recent years, the Lingnan Girls has given many outstanding performances at numerous events of significance in many distinguished venues. Its success has received many attentions by the Chinese media. In 2021 June, together with its assistant conductor, Hehe Zhang, the Lingnan Girls’ Choir of Xinghai Conservatory of Music received the Gold prize (Female Choirs) at the 2021 World Choir Festival


The Little Seagull Chorus of Nanhai Foshan City (A Team) is established by the Education Bureau of Nanhai District, Aiming to build an excellent children’s choir with comprehensive quality and in line with international standards. The members are composed of students from primary and secondary schools in Nanhai District. Chorus team since its establishment, pay attention to the cultivation of the core accomplishment of students committed to music students raise and music attainments of ascension, through standard music knowledge learning and skills training, combined with the abundant and colorful performance practice, training of students’ health aesthetics and aesthetic ability, edify sentiment, also cultivate the students’ team spirit and collective sense of honor. Under the guidance of choral experts and advanced teaching concepts, the chorus has built a pyramid-type choral teaching framework, established seven levels of curriculum standards for children’s choral training, and formed a scientific and perfect teaching model. The Little Seagull Chorus has a mellow and beautiful timbre, a broad range, a harmonious chorus, delicate and delicate music processing, and has a lasting appeal to both Chinese and foreign works. The choral works of different periods and styles performed by the troupe are in line with the specifications, freely and with artistic appeal. Since its establishment, the troupe has repeatedly won awards in international and domestic chorus competitions, and is often invited to participate in major performances at home and abroad. Since its establishment, The Little Seagull Chorus has won the following honors:

(1) Participated in the World-class Chorus Competition for the first time in 2017, and won the first place in the Silver Award of Children’s Vocal Group in the 4th Singapore International Chorus Festival
(2) In 2018, he participated in the First Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Chorus Festival and won the Gold Award
(3) In 2018, participated in the sixth art performance of primary and middle school students in Foshan sponsored by Foshan Education Bureau, and won the only special prize of primary school group B.

THE MAD SINGERS (Hong Kong, China)


“Teenagers ought to be mad about whatever they love. In our case, we will always be mad about singing together.”
Established in the year 2021, The Mad Singers is a chorus group founded by 13 young choral enthusiasts from Hong Kong, currently undergraduates in local universities. With Covid-19 striking in full force since last year, nothing has been quite the same, our musical lives included. The daily rehearsals we had all taken for granted in high school are now nostalgic experiences we have learnt to cherish. The hours we spend singing together have also become the shining gems in our mundane schedules. To envision choristers from various high school choirs coming together to sing as one certainly sounds like a mad idea. But as we have all come to realize, there is no better time and opportunity for us to unite, in the love of music, and in pursuit of the long-lost fount of joy and comfort that is singing.

(Foshan, China)


In 2010, The Rhyme River Children’s Choir of Guijiang Primary School was founded in Foshan, Guangdong by the conductor of the choir Lyu Chunping, who was awarded as The Outstanding World Youth and Children Choral Artist. Rhyme River Children’s Choir is currently comprised of 218 choristers in three different groups. As an outstanding children’s choir in Guangdong province of China, Rhyme River Children’s Choir has won the achievement of Gold Award in the international choir games for many times. We won the champion of children’s choir category (age12 or under) in the 2021 World Choir Festival. The conductor Lyu Chunping won the title of Outstanding Conductor. The lead singer, Liu Yutong, was awarded the title of the Best Soloist. Since 2010, we have won category champion for 5 times and international gold award for 12 times in the world choir games. Meanwhile, we have won national gold award for almost 60 times in domestic choir games. Ryhme River Children’s Choir won the champion of children’s choir category in 2015 World Youth & Children’s Choir Festival in Hong Kong. In addition, the choir was awarded the title of The Outstanding Youth & Children’s Choir. In 2016, we won the second place of children’s choir group and the gold award of ensemble/semi chorus group in the 15th China International Chorus Festival. In 2017, we grabbed the gold award of children’s choir group and the folk song group in Singapore International Choral Festival. Besides, we won the honor of the Best Interpretation. In 2018, we grabbed the gold award of children’s choir group in the 16th St. Petersburg International Choral Festival in Russia. In 2019, we grabbed the gold award of children’s choir group and the folk song group in Singapore International Choral Festival again! In 2020, we won the gold award of children’s choir group and the folk song group in China International Chorus Festival. We successively won two gold awards in Primary and Middle School Students’ Art Exhibition in Guangdong Province in 2016 and 2019. Then, we were honored to attend Primary and Middle School Students’ Art Exhibition of China. In 2016, we represented the Department of Culture of Guangdong Province to attend the 7th China Children and Teenagers’ Chorus Festival. In recent years, Rhyme River Children’s Choir held a special concert every year. Two special concerts held in Xinghai Concert Hall in 2017 and 2018 were the most impressive ones. Our choir even performed on CCTV Mid-Autumn’s Gala. Rhyme River Children’s Choir’s notable performances are really incredible.

(Shanghai, China)

Conductor YANAN LUO


The predecessor of Junior Choir of Music Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music was the Red Scarf Choir established in the 1950s. During the preparation period, the Choir in the new era was invited to participate in the Chorus Forum of University and College in Shanghai and International Seminar of Chorus between China and Russia, and was selected as the “Helping Talents Fly” chorus project of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Junior Choir of Music Middle School Affiliated to
Shanghai Conservatory of Music was officially established in March 2021. Since the establishment, it has been supported by school leaders and teachers. Currently, the Principal Conductor is Luo Yanan who is the teacher of Solfége Teaching and Research Office of Music Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the
Conductor of youth chorus. The chorus members are selected from the chorus class students in Grade IV, V and VI of attached primary school and in grade one of junior high school, and their high-level professional training lays a good music foundation. The basic training in daily chorus class broadens the vision of students; The collective training of chorus team improves the sound concept shaping of students, cultivates teamwork and accumulates the stage performance experience. Diversified choral works and rich deductive form provide the music majors loving chorus with wider music stage, except for instrumental music practice and composition theory learning.


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